Royal Wedding: Souvenirs for Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding

Wedding preparations will not be complete without souvenirs or memorabilias. For this big event such as the Royal wedding, careful preparations of memorabilias are taken care of.  

ion to meet the demands of the retail shops.  A historical event will always have souvenirs, a rememberance of the event.  Here are some of the memorabilia for the wedding;


Gold Plated 5 Pound Coin.  Royal Mint have released the coin with embossed image of the couple with lettering around the edges "Celebrating the Engagement of William and Catherine".

Ceramic Exclusive Royal Cup and Saucer.  This type of souvenir has been a usual for occasions for wedding.  For the Royal wedding, this souvenir is presented in a royal blue gift box with an 8cm high where the picture of the couple and date of the wedding are printed.


Kate Middleton Doll.  A vinyl doll is a limited edition released of Kate Middleton  replica wearing her blue dress.  One of the  most photographed image of Kate and Prince William was during the engagement announcement.


Other memorabilia includes Sylvanian Family Model Rabbits,Happyland Royal Wedding Set,Commemorative Engagement Coin,Royal Engagement Boxes,William’s Stag Part T-shirts,and Royal Wedding Crown Spoon.

Avid royal souvenir collectors like Judith Watkinson from Bradford have collected atleast 6,000 items over the years.


View here how to purchase royal memorabilias 

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