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Monetize Your Weebly Website or Blog
Published By simplyoj on 2011-06-01 1678 Views

The purpose of creating a website can be either for business or personal use. For freelancers and online marketers, monetizing your blog is an alternative way of earning an additional income.   There are a  lot of ways to monetize a website, here are just a few of  them  for your Weebly website :

Google Adsense The most popular way of monetizing, Weebly has a ready button tool if you want to put Google adsense ads in your website.  Just drag and drop the button from basic menu to the page.  Read adsense terms and conditions carefully so as not to be banned by Google.

Paid-to-Promote Website.  Your website traffic can be monetized by using this website where you can earn a residual income.  Register and put the code in your website just like putting a code on placing a banner.   No need to register your website to PTP website, it will automatically detect your website through the code. 

Automatic payments  through Paypal  every 15th and 30th of the month with a minimum of only 0.10$.  To maximize earnings, place the banner code on top of the page and promote your website  extensively.   

Put banners from your other earning websites.  Depending on the theme of your website, put banners appropriately. Drag and drop a  "custom HTML" icon to your page and place the banner codes inside.

Adf.ly is a URL shortener that you can earn everytime someone clicks to you shortened link.  Payment is through Paypal and WebMoney with a minimum of $5.00. 


Here are just some of the ways to monetize your website or blog.  There can be many other ways, what is important is to study and read the terms and conditions first.  Choose what you think is best for your website or try them all and see what is effective.  Being patient is a key factor to achieve goals.



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